Seeded Players

2014 Las Vegas Open:

1A: Ky Zizan
2A: Joseph Harris
3A: Hank Freeman
4A: Michael Nakamura
5A: Jake Elliott


1A: Gentry Stein
2A: Grant Johnson
3A: Alex Hattori
4A: Philip White
5A: Jake Elliott


Due to the lack of Canadian National competition this year, there will be no seeded champions from Canada.


1A: Paul Kerbel
2A: Paul Kerbel
3A: Paul Kerbel
4A: Paul Kerbel
5A: Betty Gallegos


1A: Daniel Borges
4A: Gustavo Amaral
5A: Jose Lucas Dechen

Who can compete at the Las Vegas Open?

Any and all players are welcome to compete at The Las Vegas Open YoYo Championship. For players who are just starting out, there will be a Sport 1A Division where they can compete against other players of the same skill level.

The Las Vegas Open serves as the 2016 seeding event for the USA & Canada. The top three eligible placements in each Championship division will be seeded to semi-finals at the 2016 World YoYo Contest in Cleveland, Ohio. Only players who live in North & South America are eligible for a seed to semi-finals. If a player from another country places higher the placement will be awarded to the next placement that resides within the Americas.

Qualification for the 1A Championship Finals

The North & South American National Contest winners automatically qualify for the Championship Finals in their respective divisions.

The top 13 contestants in the Prelim round (one-minute freestyles) also advance to the 1A Championship Finals. In addition to the 13 Prelim qualifiers, any contestant with a score within 1.00 point of the 13th qualifier will also advance to the 1A Championship Finals.

If there are less than 2 National Contest winners competing, additional contestants may be chosen from the Prelim Round up to a maximum of 15 finalists. Note that extra contestants will be added only if their scores are within 5.00 points of the 6th qualifier.

The Prelim qualifiers will be sorted from lowest to highest prelim score to determine their performance order which will precede the regional qualifiers. The regional qualifiers will be randomly sorted to determine their performance order.

In the event that the total number of registered competitors is less than the maximum number of finalists, the Contest Director, in consultation with the Head Judge, may choose to forego the Prelims and advance all competitors to the Finals.