Workshops will take place on Friday November 8th between 5pm and 8pm. Specific times to be announced soon.

How to Impact Yo-Yo Off Stage
Yo-yo is a very competition heavy hobby, however there are ways to shine and make yourself known in the community outside of competition. Find out some ways that you can have fun and contribute to yo-yo without stressing over competing from Scales!

Scales Live Podcast
Check out a conversation between the Scales crew ranging from the origins of the collective to where they are now. Live trick critique/viewing from people attending this workshop too!

Freestyle Building Workshop
Come learn from some of the best competitors in the world on how they build and refine their freestyles. Find out some tips on picking the right tricks for a freestyle, finding what music is right, and more in this workshop!

Photo Workshop with Alec Campbell
Learn about the intersection where photography and yoyo collide.
Learn how some of Alec Campbell’s greatest works were created, presented by the man himself!

Scales Panel Q&A
Have any questions for the Scales crew? Tune in to the Q&A to come and ask them about some interesting stories about all things yo-yo.